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Item Number: XUR410A

Use for cutting soft plastic and plastic sprue for a clean, near finished result eliminating the need post cut filing or sanding.

May also be used to cut soft wire up to 20 AWG (0.8mm).

Xuro-Rubber™ comfort grips and Light-Touch™ return spring ensure control and ease of use.

Type of Tool: Cutter

Project type:

- Plastics De-Gating
- Plastic Kit Modeling
- Model Railroading
- General Hobbies And Crafts
- Electronics

Special Features: Full Flush Cutting

Wire size: 20g - 30g

Use on:

- Thin, soft Wire
- Silver Wire
- Plastic Sprue
- Gold Wire
- Electronic Lead Wire
- Craft Wire
- Copper Wire
- Bead Wire

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