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Panel Line Accent Color, Light Gray

Panel Line Accent Color, Light Gray

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Item Number: TAM87189

This is the 1.35fl oz (40ml) Bottle of
Tamiya Panel Line Accent Paint in Light Gray.
Ideal for highlighting panel lines and other details to give plastic
models greater relism
Applies over base coat of lacquer or acrylic paint (do not apply
over enamel paint)
Pre-diluted to the ideal viscosity and can be applied into crevises
such as panel lines with the brush on bottle cap
May be thinned or cleaned when dry using Tamiya X-20 enamel cleaner
1.35fl oz (40ml) Bottle of Panel Line Accent Paint in Light Gray
Plastic parts may become brittle after using Panel Line Accent
colors. Avoid using on movable parts and take care when applying
to load bearing areas.
First Aid: In case of eye contact wash eyes immediately with plenty
of clean water and get medical attention. If swallowed get
immediate medical advice, but do not induce vomiting. In case of
inhalation, move to fresh air. In case of skin contact, wash skin
with soap and water.