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SPEKTRUM MRX200 Marine 2-Ch FHSS Receiver

SPEKTRUM MRX200 Marine 2-Ch FHSS Receiver

  • $ 24.99

Item Number: SPMMRX200

The MRX200 is a 3 Channel 2.4GHz receiver that operates on the FHSS modulation. It is a low cost solution to upgrade your RC Cars, Trucks , or boats to the interference free world of 2.4GHz radio technology. Made for the STX2 Radio system (SPMSTX200) , users can expect a fast response and outstanding range with this budget friendly radio system. Featuring an extra-long antenna lead for easy and effective antenna placement.

The MRX200 is completely sealed, making it waterproof and the perfect receiver for RC boat enthusiasts that need that maximum protection from the elements.

NOTE: The STX2 and MRX200 utilize the FHSS 2.4GHz protocol and are NOT compatible with Spektrum DSM, DSM2 or DSMR transmitter or receivers.

Compatible Products
Spektrum MRX200 FHSS 3-Channel Marine Receiver SPMMRX200 is compatible with PRB08032T1, PRB08032T2, PRB08033, PRB08034

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