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For children ages 8 and up.
This kit has a beautifully illustrated 40 page book plus materials to make your own microscope slides.

It includes a high-powered clip-on microscope that converts a mobile device into a high performance microscope.

No focusing required.

View microscope slides directly on a digital screen.

200 to 400x optical resolution depending on your camera lens and the number of megapixels on your device.
This microscope will pair with a 2x optical lense on some front cameras to form a digital version of a compound microscope.

Zoom in, photograph and share your microscope slide images.

Prepare and view your own microscope slides:
Stain onion cells on a microscope slide to view onion cells
Prepare a slide to view leaf cells
Stain and view a slide containing your own cheek cells
Watch and record pond scum in motion
Identify parts of the cell
Discover what makes a cell, a cell
Use bubbleology to understand the plasma membrane
Explore the functions of the organelles inside an animal cell

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