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Safe Parallel Charge Board

Safe Parallel Charge Board

  • $ 11.99

Item Number: AC-PCBMCP

Compact, convenient, and safe, our Parallel Charge Board for mCP X & Pico lets you charge up to six batteries at a time, while self-resetting polyfuses protect your packs from any potential shorts.

This unique design serves as a charging board for up to 6 of your 1S battery packs. Connect to your batteries with the JST-PH connectors, as used in the Blade mCP X, or the Pico connector used on many small models such as the Nano CP X. Connect to the charger's main output with 4mm banana plugs - 8" of top-quality silicone wire gives you the flexibility you need to easily get everything connected.

As safe as they are convenient, these boards protect your batteries with built in polyfuses protecting each individual cell from harmful short circuits or power surges. While you can charge batteries with both connector types at the same time, make sure that you are only connecting one battery to each connector group on the board.

Not sure how fast your setup can charge? Click here to use our power calculator and find out!

Input Charge Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
Output Connector: 6x 1S Female JST-PH; 6x Female Pico
Wire Type: 18 AWG Silicone Charge Lead
Max Charge Rating: 1.5A per battery
Fuse Rating: 1.5A
Wire Length: 8"

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