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PINECAR Custom Parts w/Decals, Drag Star

PINECAR Custom Parts w/Decals, Drag Star

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Item Number: PIN331

This Package Contains One Sheet of PineCar Dry Transfer Decals
(Drag Star) and Custom Casted Parts.

These dry transfer decals are the fastest and easiest way to
customize your car
High quality rub-on decals that can be rubbed around contours and
over textures, unlike stick-on decals.
_ Applies in seconds to any clean surface without the mess and bother
of wet process decals.
There's no clear film around the edges of the decals.
Colorful designs, graphics, and lettering.
For maximum durability and a glossy finish, you may apply a light
coat of gloss clear spray (not included).
Stripes can be cut shorter or transferred end to end for longer
Instructions on package.
99.9% lead free on casted parts
Metal casted exhaust pipes (2), engine (1), roll bar (1).

One Package of Custom Parts and Decals (Drag Star)

Burnisher (WOOU2600) or Dull Pencil
Hobby File or Sandpaper
PineCar Formula Glue (PINY0384) or CA Glue

Decal Sheet Size: 2-1/2" x 2"