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  • $ 105.99

Item Number: HRBHN2253
Made By: Arnold

Scale: N SCALE
DCC Type: DCC Ready
Detail: Horns, Bell, and Handrails
Motor: 5 Pole Can Motor with Flywheels
Special Features: Accepts Standard NMRA 6 Pin (use DZ126IN or DZ146IN), All-wheel drive, Heavy metal die-cast chassis, Road specific detailing, State-of-the-Art Power Pickup

The EMD SW1 is a 600 HP diesel-electric switcher built by General Motors subsidiary, Electro Motive Corporation; subsequently renamed Electro Motive Division; between late 1938 and late 1953. As with most long-running locomotive production models many revisions/upgrades were made during the course of production. A very noticeable change was in the shape of the two windows located in the front of the cab; originally curved to follow the roofline they were changed to a flat top in mid-1950 to simplify the manufacturing process.

Along the same lines- the two stage taper used in the construction of the hood in front of the cab became a simpler - less costly single stage taper in later production. The very early production units had a minimal exhaust stack but in operation this left much to be desired as the exhaust would be direct back into/toward the cab impairing the crew visibility. These early units were railroad modified with extensions that were welded on- while later production would come to bear the EMD trademark conical switcher stack. Depending on production dates and railroad modifications- numerous headlight configurations were possible.

This locomotive can be converted to DCC operation using Digitrax decoder DZ126IN.

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