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N GS 60' FLATCAR BNSF #521003

N GS 60' FLATCAR BNSF #521003

  • $ 21.50

Item Number: ATL50003926

The Atlas 60' Flatcar is based on cars built by General Steel Castings beginning in 1956, these 60' cars were widely used for hauling lumber, machinery and more into the 2000s. The cars feature a die cast metal frame, fine scale details including train line air hoses, prototypical ride height, BLMA 70-ton ASF trucks, 33" low-profile metal wheels and brown body-mounted magnetic knuckle couplers.


- Ready-To-Run
- Die-Cast Metal Frame
- Fine-Scale Detail
- Prototypical Ride Height
- BLMA 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
- BLMA Low Profile 33? Metal Wheels
- Body-Mounted Brown Knuckle Couplers

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