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N GP40-2 DCC/SND BN #3055

N GP40-2 DCC/SND BN #3055

  • $ 179.99

Item Number: ATL40004740

The GP40-2 featured upgraded internal electronics as compared to its predecessor the GP40. While the changes were mostly internal, several outside details such as bolted down battery box covers and a roof that extended slightly beyond the rear of the cab made it visually different from the GP-40. Features Include:
* Directional lighting
* Walkway safety tread
* Blackened metal wheels
* Scale speed(TM) motor and dual flywheels
* Factory-equipped with AccuMate(R) knuckle couplers
* Dynamic brakes (as appropriate for each roadname)
* Golden-white LEDs
* Prototypical sill detail

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