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N GP38-2 LOW NOSE UP #712

  • $ 84.98

Item Number: WAL929-50311

In the 1960s EMD identified a need for a medium-horsepower roadswitcher with no turbocharger for improved reliability. With the rack settings on its 16-cylinder 645 prime mover set at a very conservative 2,000 horsepower, tried-and-true traction motors and other proven components the GP38 sold well, but the addition of easy-to-maintain modular electronics made its successor, the GP38-2, the runaway favorite. "Dash 2s" could be found on mainline freights and locals, handling yard and heavy industrial switching, even moving commuter and long-distance passenger trains! In recent years, they fetch a pretty penny on the used locomotive market - if their original Class I owners ever get rid of them! Many have been rebuilt and still serve their original owners, others have gone on to shortlines and regional roads.

- Based on Units in Service 1977 to the Present

- DCC-Ready Mechanism with Insulated Motor

- Clip-Fit PC Board

- Blomberg M Trucks

- Heavy Die Cast Split Frame for Pulling Power

- Five Pole Motor with Flywheel

- Directional LED Headlights

- All-Wheel Drive and Electrical Pickup

- RP-25 Metal Wheels

- Micro-Trains(R) Knuckle Couplers

Walther's recommends the following decoder(s):

- Digitrax DN163L0A

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