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N 50' BOX CAR SP #694295

N 50' BOX CAR SP #694295

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Item Number: WOT61103

In 1988, Philip Anshutz's Rio Grande Industries bought the Southern Pacific after the line's ill-fated merge attempt with the Santa Fe. The Southern Pacific brand continued replacing Rio Grande. In the 1990s, the new speed lettering style was adopted as a tribute to the old Rio Grande speed lettering. Kevin Bunker came up with the design in late 1988 by painting a model EMD SD40T-2 locomotive and showing it to Philip. It was probably in the mid to late 1990s that the new logo design started to appear on these box cars. They were originally built by PC&F in August 1972 through March 1973. They were SP class B-70-66 and were equipped with DF-B loaders (moveable bulkheads), and Hydra-Cushion underframes.

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