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Item Number: CSTMN-VPL

These logs are made from the same dowel material from which we fashion our tapered tree trunks. The smallest one use bamboo and the larger ones use cedar. All logs come with bark detail and coloring. When you cut the log, the inside with be a lighter color just like when you cut a real log. This can be further stained to a yellow-orange hue if desired.

We now have the following sizes and packages available:
- 3/16" diameter, 8 inch length, bamboo material.
- 5/16" diameter, 10 inch length, white cedar material.
- 3/8" diameter, 8 or 10 inch length, white cedar.
- 1/2" diameter, 12 inch length, white cedar.

The logs are uncolored on the inside. This means when you cut them they look like the inside of a log, except they don't have the growth rings (concentric circles).

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