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Item Number: CIR8030

Fiber optic wire .03" diameter, 20' long.

CIRCUITRON’s Fiber Optics are PMMA plastic fibers with a special fluoro-polymer coating. Light entering the end of a fiber is ransmitted along the length by internal reflection and exits the far end with very little loss in intensity. Since virtually no light is emitted from the side of the fiber (unless it is scratched or nicked), painting of the outside of the fiber to prevent light loss is an option but not a necessity (lacquer paints are not recommended since they may etch or melt the fiber). These fibers are very flexible and can be bent to fairly tight radii with little loss in efficiency. A high intensity incandescent lamp or LED may be used as the light source. If a sufficiently bright source is chosen, a number of fibers may be illuminated from the one source. The fiber is easily cut to length using a razor blade or Xacto™ knife. Use for signals, signs and special effects.