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Item Number: EFL5150


-A classic aerobat with authentic looks and great power
-Stability and precision of AS3X® technology
-Optional SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
-High-power brushless motor with a robust 40A ESC
-Simple one-piece wing features rigid composite reinforcement
-Fold-away aluminum struts with quick-release hardware and storage
-Intricate scale engine, propeller and surface detail
-Shock-absorbing landing gear with scale covers and wheel pants
-4-channel control with four micro servos installed
-Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
-Large front, top hatch makes battery changes simple
-Spektrum 6-channel receiver with industry-leading DSMX® technology
-Optional float set makes float plane conversion easy
-Fits a wide range of 3S LiPo batteries from 2200-3000mAh
-Vibrant, high-visibility paint scheme

The stock Cub is a legend for its gentle flying characteristics and abundant availability. Searching for a low-cost basic aerobatics alternative, inspired pilots modified the design into an entirely new aviation sensation. The E-flite® Clipped Wing Cub 1.2m park flyer features crisp scale detail and goes beyond the essence of the souped-up variant with inspiring versatility, and an abundance of power. As a result, you get the freedom only a Cub can deliver and the excitement of a hotrod in disguise.

The E-flite Clipped Wing Cub 1.2m is a "Cub Lover’s" must-have. Unlike many scale models with this level of detail, assembly only takes the turn of a few screws. The one-piece wing has outstanding rigidity for aerobatics as well as installation ease. Authentic aluminum wing struts offer fold-away convenience and install with quick-release hardware. Up front is the essential scale component no Cub should be denied intricate engine detail with the signature flare of cooling baffles. Hidden inside is a powerful brushless motor system that delivers outstanding throttle response and the kind of vertical performance full-scale Cub pilots can only dream about. Functional shock-absorbing landing gear accessorized with matching strut covers and balloon-shaped wheel pants help you handle this beauty on the ground like a pro. Just like the real thing, this park flyer has friendly handling for scale flight that’s relaxing. But all you have to do to wake this sleeper is firewall the throttle and unleash the aerobatics animal within.

Functional Scale Detail
Cub lovers will appreciate the intricate detail of the exposed engine cylinders and cooling baffles. But what sets this scale park flyer apart is the functional shock-absorbing landing gear that articulates with concealed springs and is finished off with matching strut covers and fitted wheel pants. In addition, you get top-access for battery installation that maintains the scale outline and allows you to install the flight battery quickly.

Great Power
The power system features a high-speed 10-size brushless outrunner, a robust 40-amp ESC and a 2-blade propeller that combine with your 2200-3000mAh 3S LiPo battery to deliver thrust that helps this Clipped Wing Cub perform well beyond the basic aerobatics flight envelope with ease.

Durable Design
Construction with durable EPO material makes it possible to replicate complex detail in a lightweight form. The result is an outstanding scale appearance that’s easy to maintain and allows the most satisfying flight experience possible to shine through.

Fold Away Wing Struts
The wing features a rigid, one-piece design that connects to the fuselage with just a single screw. The aluminum struts lock into position with quick-release hardware and fold away into clips at the wing center section for storage and transport.

Optional Floats
You can turn this classic into a fun float plane simply by adding the optional Float Set (HBZ7390 sold separately). All it takes is the turn of a few screws and you can enjoy the serenity of flying from the local pond or lake.

AS3X Receiver with Optional SAFE Select Technology
This Bind-N-Fly® Basic model features a Spektrum receiver integrated with AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization 3-aXis) technology to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence for the remarkable sense of stability and precision larger, expertly tuned aircraft enjoy.

Needed to Complete
Full-range, 6+ Channel DSMX®/DSM2® with Adjustable Dual Rates
2200–3000mAh 3S Li-Po flight battery
Suitable Li-Po battery charger
What's in the box?
(1) E-flite Clipped Wing Cub BNF Basic
(1) Spektrum AR636A Receiver
(1) E-Flite 40A ESC
(1) E-flite 10-Size Brushless Outrunner Motor
(4) Spektrum 9-Gram Micro Servos
(1) User Manual

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