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DUBRO 4 Pin Spinner,2 1/4" Blue

DUBRO 4 Pin Spinner,2 1/4" Blue

  • $ 9.36

Item Number: DUB282

This is the Dubro 2-1/4" Diameter Blue Spinner.

Constructed of 100% Virgin Nylon for maximum strength.
Pre-trimmed for two blade propeller.
Uses a unique nylon insert lock design for attaching the backplate
and spinner-giving a solid and secure hold.
Four shaft adapters, 6mm, 1/4", 7mm, 5/16", eliminates need to drill
out backplates.

One Dubro 2-1/4" Diameter Blue Spinner with backplate, four shaft adapters, and two 3.5mm x 18mm socket head cap screws.

Aligning pins in nose cone to backplate and fastening into pre-installed locknuts with the two socket head cap screws.
7/64" ball driver

Diameter: 2.25" (57mm) at base
Length: 2.40" (61mm) from backplate to tip

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