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Item Number: SPROG2

SPROG IIv4 is the latest update of the complete DCC programer and small layout controller. Complete with software, cables, and power to easily make programming changes to your DCC locomotives.

SPROG II provides a one-stop source for setting up and running any DCC locomotives; ideal for off-layout programming and test set-ups. SPROG IIv3

SPROG II has sufficient power to program sound decoders, even in large scales, so no power booster is necessary.

SPROG II works with all those "difficult" decoders that don't seem to read back on other systems.

SPROG II also includes the ability to test your locos, or run your layout, with on-screen computer control, and full DCC operation.

We supply SPROG II with a 12V 1.25A regulated power supply and all needed cables and software.

For a larger layout try the SPROG Raspberry Pi! Attaches simply to your layout, uses your local WiFi, and you can use your Apple or Android smartphone as your throttle with SPROG's free throttle app!

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