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Item Number: COVQ1800

This is CoverLite Iron-On White Synthetic Tissue Covering from Coverite.
A strong, tough, synthetic material to replace tissue and dope.
++Additional Technical Information Will Be Added As It Becomes Available.++

Ideal for covering lightweight or Park Flyer models up to 50".
Extremely light weight of only .89 ounce per square yard (28g per
square meter).
CoverLite is sealed to a model with heat, and is factory "doped" with
a totally fuelproof resin. It is not only resistant to glow and
diesel fuel, but is also airproof and waterproof. Very easy to
apply to a model with Coverite Balsarite or CoverLite Adhesive.
Stronger and more puncture-resistant than normal doped tissue, and
paintable with Coverite 21st Century spray paint.
Comes folded in a bag (5"x 5.5") with a hangable header card.
90 day warranty.

One CoverLite Iron-On White Synthetic Tissue Covering
One Instruction Sheet

-Preapplying CoverLite Adhesive (COVR ) or Fabric Balsarite
(COVR2500) onto the surface to be covered, and then applying
heat to tighten the covering.
Miscellaneous covering tools.

Length: 36" (915mm)
Width: 19.5" (495mm)
Weight: 1 oz/sq yd (28 g/sq m)

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