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Clump-Foliage Bag, Light Green/55 cu. in.

Clump-Foliage Bag, Light Green/55 cu. in.

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Item Number: WOOFC682
Made By: Woodland Scenics

This is a bag of Clump-Foliage (Light Green) from Woodland Scenics.

Landscaping material for adding color, texture, and realism to
terrain contours on your model layout.
A specially produced ground foam cluster for bushes, shrubs and other
medium and high ground cover.
Great for trees.
Realistic color.
Use as is or break into smaller clusters.
Use various colors of Fine Turf for added realism.
Complete instructions (on package) make it easy to use and virtually

One Bag of Clump-Foliage (Light Green)

Scenic Glue (WOOR0190)
Hob-e-Tac (WOOU1405)--for trees
Tree Armatures
Scenic Cement (WOOR1401)

Contents: 1qt (.9 liter)

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