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Foam Sheet, 1"

Foam Sheet, 1"

  • $ 9.99

Item Number: WOOST1424

This Package Contains 4 Sheets of 1' x 2' 1" Styrofoam.
This is Step-4 among the simplified and improved 5-step layout
system for beginners and advanced modelers. It's a Woodland Scenics
Subterrain Lightweight Train Layout System for creating an outdoor environment.

State-of-the-art model layout system: easy, fast, fun, lightweight,
precise, no power tools needed, and non-toxic.
4 sheets of 1' x 2' styrofoam that is 1" thick.
Can easily be cut with the Hot Wire Cutter to conform to any profile
Economical bulk packaging.

One Woodland Scenics Lightweight Layout System:
4 Sheets of 1' x 2' x 1" Styrofoam.

1' x 2' Sheets of 1" Thickness Styrofoam, Pieces: 4

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