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Dremel Aluminum Grinding Stone

Dremel Aluminum Grinding Stone

  • $ 3.25

Item Number: DRE911

This Is Dremel's Aluminum Oxide 7/16" Grinding Stone Accessory Bit.

A high-quality industrial abrasive made for extended usage.
Use on metals, castings, welded joints, rivets and rust.
Ideal for sharpening, deburring, cleaning and general purpose
grinding of most materials--including stainless steel.
Specially designed for working with curved surfaces.
Remove rust from cars and bicycles.
Deburr pipes.
Sharpen fishing lures.
Tip is shaped like a cotton swab.

One Grinding Stone Bit

Rotary Tool

Stone Diameter: 7/16" (11,1mm)
Shank Diameter: 1/8" (3,2mm)

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