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PINECAR Designer Car Kit, Screamin' Eagle

PINECAR Designer Car Kit, Screamin' Eagle

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Item Number: PIN413

This is a Screamin' Eagle Designer Kit from Pine Car.

Designer Kits turn a basic wooden block and wheel kit into an
exceptional racer.
All it takes is 7 easy steps:
1: Shape car body using the enclosed template.
2: Glue on plastic body details-front & rear fenders.
3: Paint car.
4: Rub on colorful dry transfer decals.
5: Apply windows/cockpit material.
6: Install wheels and axles.
7: Attach incremental weights.
-Dry transfer decals.
-Window material.
-Weight screws.
-Body details.
-Incremental weights.
-Detailed instructions.
The Screamin' Eagle is a long low car with fender flares and a
"firebird" graphic on the hood.

One Screamin' Eagle Designer Kit

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