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N GP9 DCC UP #260

N GP9 DCC UP #260

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Item Number: ATL40003133

Introduced in 1949, the Electro-Motive 1500hp GP-7 combined the machinery of the F7 with a hood-type carbody that offered high visibility and easy engine access. The GP-7 was used in pulling every conceivable type of train and was sometimes substituted for part of a set of cab units. The GP-9 utilized a 1750hp engine and was visually similar to the GP-7.


- Powered low friction drive
- Blackened metal wheels
- Dual brass flywheels
- Directional lighting
- Golden-white LEDs
- AccuMate® couplers

NCE Decoder Features:

- Silent Running™ motor drive
- Both short and long addresses can be programmed on main line (Ops mode)
- Torque Compensation for ultra smooth low speed performance
- Programmable start, mid and maximum speed CVs that work in all speed modes
- Four function outputs with lighting effects generators that allow you to select from 15 different lighting behaviors (ditch lights, Mars light, strobes, beacon, etc)

AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.

Silent Running Drive is a registered trademark of NCE Corporation

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