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Item Number: WAL920-40875

One of the most popular EMD diesels ever built, these WalthersProto(R) GP9 Phase I (also known as Phase 1) locos are a must for your HO operations and feature:
- Limited edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
- Based on Phase I units used in all types of freight service from 1954 to the present
- Available with ESU LokSound Select sound for DCC and DC Layouts
- Metal grab irons and lift rings
- Retooled accurate hood contours
- Road-specific details
- Five-pole, skew-wound, high-torque, high-efficiency can motor
- Helical gears with 14:1 ratio for smooth, ultra-quiet running
- Easy multiple-unit operation
- Superb paint and lettering
- LED constant and directional headlights
- Heavy die-cast metal underframe
- Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

Sound-equipped units feature EMD 567BC 16-cylinder prime mover and can be set for Automatic Transition (CV48=0) or Manual Transition (CV48=16).

Optional airhorns include:
- Leslie A-200
- CV48=0 Nathan K3H
- CV48=1 Nathan M5
- CV48=2 Nathan P3
- CV48=3 Nathan old cast P5
- CV48=4 Nathan K3HA
- CV48=5 Leslie RS3L
- CV48=6 Leslie S3L #1
- CV48=7 Leslie A125
- CV48=8 Leslie A200
- CV48=9 Leslie RS3K
- CV48=10 Nathan M3
- CV48=11 Wabco E2
- CV48=12 Nathan M3H
- CV48=13 Leslie S2M
- CV48=14 Leslie Dual A125-A200
- CV48=15

Optional Bells:
- CV48=0 Steel Bell
- CV48=64 - Bronze Bell

For more information see the ESU Full Throttle Quick Start Guide at ESU's website.

Based on ex-Northern Pacific units in service from early 1970s to 1980s with:
- Brass Nathan P3 air horn
- Brass firecracker radio antenna
- Operating beacon
- Winterization hatch
- Brass roof-mounted bracket & bell
- 1600-gallon fuel tank
- Bolted/cast-style handrail stanchions
- Short hood forward operation

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