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HO GP9 DC UP #2167

HO GP9 DC UP #2167

  • $ 168.98

Item Number: ATHG64145

Arriving in 1954, these GP9s are part of a group of 40 units that lacked dynamic brakes. They were mainly assigned to the flatlands on the eastern parts of the UP. Most lasted into the early 1980s. All units:

- Phase I GP9s
- "We Can Handle It" slogan
- Dual headlights
- Winterization hatch
- Leslie S3L horn on bracket
- Large UP style armrests
- Etched cab mirrors
- Canvas sunshade on fireman’s side
- All weather window on engineer’s side
- Western-Cullen or strobe beacon (flashes on DCC/sound version)
- Era mid 1970s+

Road Numbers #206, #216, #217:
- As-delivered cut levers
- Footboards

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