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HO GP7u DC BNSF #1356

HO GP7u DC BNSF #1356

  • $ 169.98

Item Number: ATHG65041

- All-new LED lighting
- Rubber MU hoses for durability

The effort continues to enhance Athearn Genesis models per customer requests and feedback. There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes; we’re excited to include new features often requested, to the GP7/9 and upcoming Genesis models.

- Former ATSF GP7Us with Topeka cabs, low noses, & modified side skirts
- 1600 gallon fuel tank
- Sinclair antenna with ground plane
- Both raised and lowered drop steps are included with model
- Etched cab mirrors
- Faded paint colors and patches matched to prototype photos
- Front headlight with or without glare shield per prototype

After the merger, BNSF continued to use their remaining GP7U’s in branchline and secondary service. However, many years of service began to take their toll on the appearance of the units. They often exhibited faded coats of Santa Fe blue & yellow, various types of BNSF patch lettering, and replacement parts. #1356:

- Leslie S-3LR horn on bracket
- Nose vent
- Prime air conditioner- painted orange to represent replacement part
- Operating front ditch lights
- BNSF patch on cab

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